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I'm currently looking at options with the aim of replacing our current bespoked and unsupported MFT soultion. As well as the usual Ipswitch, Axway and Sterling type solutions I was wondering whether anyone knew of any serious open source offerings currently available?

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try this new opensource project SOSFTP at sourceforge, http://sourceforge.net/projects/sosftp/

I have tried it and we have configured some 1500+ file transfer a day using SOSFTP solution stack.

regards, MP

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Business Integration Technology offers a free community edition of our EME enterprise messaging engine that supports managed file transfer and offers a secure protocol proxy. Users are free to use this software for any legal purpose.


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look at Stonebranch they use Infitran for MFT.

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They are doing a free demo right now, if you are interested at stonebranch.com/infitran/index.html –  deidre Apr 14 '10 at 14:43

You should take a look at GoAnywhere's Managed File Transfer Suite. You can automate the secure exchange of files internally or externally.

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A new open source managed file transfer project called "DivConq MFT" just appeared on GitHub: https://github.com/Gadreel/divconq

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