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I have been struggling with this for hours. I'm just trying to get git to open a custom diff tool (Win 7 64bit). I'm not even in a repo, I'm just trying to launch it. Here's my config:

tool = bc3
prompt = false
[difftool "bc3"]
cmd = \"C:/Program Files (x86)/Beyond Compare 3/BComp.exe\" \"$LOCAL\" \"$REMOTE\"
prompt = false
tool = bc3
prompt = false
keepBackup = false
[mergetool "bc3"]
cmd = \"c:/program files (x86)/beyond compare 3/bcomp.exe\" \"$LOCAL\" \"$REMOTE\" \"$BASE\" \"$MERGED\"
trustExitCode = true

Executing this command with two test files though the git bash does nothing, no error, just nothing.

git difftool test.txt test2.txt

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This BC3 example for your config options (might have to search down to the git section) shows git difftool only taking one file argument. Have you tried it with just git difftool test.txt? –  Christopher Aug 1 '12 at 18:43
If I do that I get this: usage: git diff [--no-index] <path> <path> –  user1003841 Aug 1 '12 at 18:49
This example uses a $PWD before the file paths. Might give that a shot? Sorry I can't be more help. I'm not a windows git user. I'm mostly just hoping one of these will inspire a correct answer. –  Christopher Aug 1 '12 at 18:57

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This page (http://www.learnphpbasics.com/php-reference/git-on-windows-how-do-you-set-up-a-mergetool.html) suggests using Cygwin's cygpath to help resolve path discrepancies. Example:

git config --global mergetool.fooTool.cmd 'fooTool.exe "$(cygpath -wla $BASE)" "$(cygpath -wla $LOCAL)" "$(cygpath -wla $REMOTE)" "$(cygpath -wla $MERGED)"'
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