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Does anyone know any free Finance API that provides Analyst opinion (Mean Target Price) on stocks? I have done a lot of research and found that Xignite povides this service with a fee. However, I'm looking for something free.


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Good luck! People who have this kind of information are not going to give it away for free. I wouldn't trust anyone who gives this information away for free to not be running a scam. –  Colin D Aug 1 '12 at 18:12

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Have you looked at: http://finance.yahoo.com? It has a free [hidden] finance API provided by Yahoo. The only data we are extracting from there is Estimated Target Price. That being said, for the first time in a year, the last couple weeks it has been reporting 0 and then prices and then 0 again, whereas the actual stock data on the website is fine. So not sure. But may be interesting to you and hopefully they resolve that soon.

Here is a site that publishes some of the ways to markup your request to get what you want: http://www.gummy-stuff.org/Yahoo-data.htm

The API is the same thing Yahoo uses when you click the download button on any particular stock data page and it creates a CSV download for you. It is just here, you can request up to 200 stocks at once.

Cheers, Mike

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