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I want the "Listen" button to be added to my band page on Spotify, like The Flaming Lips and other bands have. How do it do it? Here is a link to the Lips' page, showing the "Listen" button: http://www.facebook.com/flaminglips

Thank you, The Stan Laurels www.facebook.com/TheStanLaurels

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You'll have to contact Facebook support for this directly -- they will have to verify the band manually.

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From your Page:

  1. Open the admin panel.
  2. Click Help.
  3. Select Get More Features. This option will only be available for some Pages.
  4. Confirm that you're the official representativde of your Page.
  5. Click Submit.

Only some music Pages with more than 5000 likes are eligible to request the addition of a music catalogue and Listen button.

For more instructions visit:


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