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I am trying to layout some graphs and I'm using pygraphviz for it. I build my graph, and execute


When I perform print graph, it spits out the DOT-format representation, which looks like this:

94   [height="0.5", pos="1485,18", width="0.75"];
93 -> 94     [pos="e,1485,36.104 1485,71.697 1485,63.983 1485,54.712 1485,46.112"];
98   [height="0.5", pos="1557,18", width="0.75"];
97 -> 98     [pos="e,1557,36.104 1557,71.697 1557,63.983 1557,54.712 1557,46.112"];

For each node, it's pretty clear what the pos attribute means. But what does it mean for the edges? I believe it might somehow refer to a cubic spline representation, but how would I use these points if I wanted to manually draw the edge in matplotlib?

Thanks! Uri

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