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I have installed Perl version 5.6.1. But it doesn't support Date::Calc. So I installed 5.10.0. Now I am writing a program that writes data in Excel using Perl. For this, I have to use Spreadsheet::WriteExcel but Spreadsheet::WriteExcel was not installed when I installed ActiveState Perl.

So now do I have to install another version of perl or Spreadsheet::WriteExcel only?

If Spreadsheet::WriteExcel is enough, what exactly do I have to do?

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Your OS/distribution combination must have a way to fetch either precompiled or source packages. For example, on Windows with ActiveState Perl, you can use

C:\> ppm install Spreadsheet::WriteExcel

You might also find the FAQ What is CPAN? useful.

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Thanks Sinan. After execute this command, Its working fine. Really I am sooooooooooooo happyyyyy.... –  ASHOK Jul 24 '09 at 12:40

Spreadsheet::WriteExcel isn't part of the core perl distribution. It is a module on CPAN. It will need to be installed separately. See the CPAN FAQ on How to install perl modules

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You may have to get the Spreadsheet::WriteExcel module. The docs show you how to install in with ActivePerl.

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