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I want to filter account balances that are over a certain amount, say 1,000 and only show the accounts that WERE over 1,000 at a selected time, and have been dropped when compared to a second selected time. So if 'Amy' had over 1,000 in the selected month of 'June', and now her balance is below 1,000, i want to see her listed, with new balance.

    select [Measures].[Amount] on 0,
      FILTER( [Instrument].[Account Num].MEMBERS, [Measures].[Committed Amt]>1000) 
    ON 1  
    from [TEST]
except({[Time].[Calendar Year].[Month].&[06]&[2012]}, 
   {[Time].[Calendar Year].  [Month].&[07]&[2012]});

Using the above code, i can filter balances over a certain amount. I am not able to show just the acccounts that have dropped, which is what i am attempting to do by using the EXCEPT function. Any ideas? This is MDX code using 2008 Analysis server

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The following query will return [Measures].[Amount] for each [Measures].[Amount] for which [Measures].[Committed Amt] in June was under 1000 and above 1000 in July

[Measures].[Amount] ON 0
( [Instrument].[Account Num].MEMBERS  ,
  ([Measures].[Committed Amt],[Time].[Calendar Year].[Month].&[06]&[2012]) > 1000
  ([Measures].[Committed Amt],[Time].[Calendar Year].[Month].&[07]&[2012]) > 1000
) ON 1
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You just have to put July in the Where clause and use this condition in the filter:

([Measures].[Committed Amt], [Time].[Calendar Year].[Month].&[06]&[2012]) > 1000 AND [Measures].[Committed Amt] < 1000

The query becomes:

SELECT [Measures].[Amount] ON 0,
FILTER( [Instrument].[Account Num].MEMBERS, ([Measures].[Committed Amt], [Time].[Calendar Year].[Month].&[06]&[2012]) > 1000 AND ([Measures].[Committed Amt] < 1000, [Time].[Calendar Year].[Month].&[07]&[2012])) ON 1  
WHERE ([Time].[Calendar Year].[Month].&[07]&[2012])

In the result you will have the amount in July (if you want to change this then change the where clause) of the instruments that have a Committed Amnt > 1000 in June and < 1000 in July.

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so i should replace what i have in the filter and use your statement instead? –  John Aug 1 '12 at 22:37
@John I added the full query. –  Benoit Aug 10 '12 at 20:55
@John Did the query worked? –  Benoit Aug 20 '12 at 14:04

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