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I want to copy and paste content from Outlook messages into DreamWeaver but a lot of autoformating messes things up. For example I copied "coming soon..." and the "..." was displayed correctly in DreamWeaver but actually had to be …

Can I:

  1. Get DreamWeaver to automatically convert the pasted text into proper html entities
  2. have DreamWeaver display incorrectly if it wouldn't display correctly in a web browser.

I'm working a lot with French characters.

Alternatively is there a way to force Outlook to display things normally?

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This thread looks promising forums.adobe.com/thread/643635 –  Samuel Aug 1 '12 at 19:49

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  1. Change your document encoding to 'Western European' instead of eg. UTF-8. (Modify -> Page properties -> Title/Encoding. Whenever you paste a special character in Design view, Dreamweaver will automatically convert it to the correct HTML enity - eg. … will be converted to …

  2. I'm afraid that's not really possible - in many cases a web browser will render the special characters correctly, even without HTML-encoding - all depends on your specific setup.

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A tool such as http://centricle.com/tools/html-entities/ may be able to help you. It will encode or decode HTML entities from the text you provide.

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