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I began using ViewModels to create custom views that represent several underlying EF entities in MVC4. I created a folder named 'ViewModels' in my MVC project and have my classes within that folder. What I want to do is create a new view based on the strongly typed ViewModel class. However the wizzard displayed when creating a View in ASP.NET MVC with the "Create a strongly-typed view" option and subsequent "Model Class" dropdown selection does not contain my ViewModel class. The only classes listed are those from my Entity Framework model.

How do I create a View based on my created ViewModel class or rather get it to show in that list of Model classes?


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You may need to compile the MVC project before the new ViewModel class will show up in that dropdown. – John W Aug 1 '12 at 19:57
@JohnW - You are 100% right. Not typical of me to get that hyper to try something without re-building. You suggestion is not a comment but really the answer. Re-post as the answer and I will mark it so. Thank you. – atconway Aug 1 '12 at 20:03

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You need to compile the MVC project before the new ViewModel class will show up in that dropdown.

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Bu default, the Wizard will show all Class file names except those Controller files (which ends with Controller.cs)in the Model DropDown

Simply create a new normal View and then add this as the first line of the view file

@model YourViewModelClassName

Assuming YourViewModelClassName is the name of your class you created for ViewModel.

ex : If you have a Customer View Model like this

public class CustomerViewModel
  public string Name {set;get;}

So the view should be like this

@model CustomerViewModel
<p>Your view content can go here</p>

If your class ViewModel class resides in a a namespace, you need to specify the fully qualified class name

@model MyNameSpaceName.CustomerViewModel

Assuming MyNameSpaceName is the name of your namespace where this class resides

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