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I have a old windows application written in borland C++ 5.0. this uses the OWL library very much in it's code. this has to be ported to Visual studio 2005/2008 (C++ or C#). search in google shows lot of links but nothing quite concrete or useful. can anyone show the correct direction to start this? also share any pitfalls or best practices?

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this is going to be a painful process to do. you may end up re-writing the entire application. before that consider OWLNext in sourceforge.

PS: I don't have any experience in doing this.

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if you do not want to rewrite the entire application, your best bet is to migrate to OWLNext ( First step will be to still use Borland C++ 5.0x, but upgrade the project to use OWLNext instead of the old OWL libraries. After that, you can create a new VC++ project, add your sources there, build OWLNext for VC++ and start using it for further development.


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