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Suppose I have a table with columns user_id, name and the table contains data like this:

user_id   name
-------   -----
sou       souhardya
cha       chanchal
swa       swapan
ari       arindam
ran       ranadeep

If I want to know these users (sou, cha, ana, agn, swa) exists in this table or not then I want output like this:

user_id    it exists or not
-------    -----------------
sou            y
cha            y
ana            n
agn            n
swa            y

As ana and aga do not exist in the table it must show "n" (like the above output).

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Are the list of users that you are using to check against this table in another table? –  eabraham Aug 1 '12 at 20:23

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Assuming your existing checklist is not on the database, you will have to assemble a query containing those. There are many ways of doing it. Using CTEs, it would look like this:

with cte as
select 'sou' user_id
union all
select 'cha'
union all
select 'ana'
union all
select 'agn'
union all
select 'swa'
  case when yt.user_id is null then 'n' else 'y' end
from cte
left join YourTable yt on cte.user_id = yt.user_id

This also assumes user_id is unique.

Here is the SQLFiddle with the proof of concept: http://sqlfiddle.com/#!3/e023a0/4

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Assuming you're just testing this manually:

    [user_id] VARCHAR(50)

SELECT 'sou'

SELECT a.[user_id]
    , [name]
    , CASE
        WHEN b.[user_id] IS NULL THEN 'N'
        ELSE 'Y'
        END AS [exists_or_not]
FROM [your_table] a
LEFT JOIN @Users b
    ON a.[user_id] = b.[user_id]
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You didn't provide quite enough information to provide a working example, but this should get you close:

select tbl1.user_id, case tbl2.user_id is null then 'n' else 'y' end
from   tbl1 left outer join tbl2 on tbl1.user_id = tbl2.user_id
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;with usersToCheck as
          select 'sou' as userid
    union select 'cha'
    union select 'ana'
    union select 'agn'
    union select 'swa'
select utc.userid, 
(case when exists ( select * from usersTable as ut where ut.user_id = utc.userid) then 'y' else 'n' end)
from usersToCheck as utc
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