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My assumption is that the GLSL compiler simply inlines all function calls, making them inexpensive. However, if function calls in GLSL implemented stack frames etc etc then they could be quite expensive. Does anyone know whether GLSL function calls are expensive at all?

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I think the answer here is going to depend on the device, OS, and even version of the OS. For example, an iOS engineer told me that some short functions are inlined in their compiler, but what functions are inlined depends on the OS version (the shader compiler has improved significantly with each iOS version). – Brad Larson Aug 1 '12 at 21:03

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Generally, function calls should be inexpensive even when not inlined, as no such thing as a stack frame exists (no recursion in GLSL!). Therefore, as such, a function call shouldn't be a forbidding overhead on any architecture (maybe 1-2 cycles).

However, function calls often happen as conditional branches, which per se are very expensive on GPUs (as usually both branches are executed on all processors in the work group lock-step).

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Function calls can be expensive, dependent of your device. I suggest you take a look at the GLSL optimizer by Aras (From Unity):

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