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I have some boost Regex code which I think should fire. I'm new to boost but I know a little bit of Regex. Here's the code that I'm using.

re = boost::basic_regex<TCHAR>(_T("-+\\s+Original\\s+Message\\s+-+"), boost::regex_constants::icase);
boost::match_results<TSTRING::const_iterator> result;
if(boost::regex_match(RawBody, result, re))

and here is the test string I'm using.

this is a test

-------- Original Message --------

everything under here should disappear

My code compiles and runs, it just doesn't trigger the if statement. I tried debugging into the boost code and ... yeah...

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Use regex_search instead of regex_match. – ForEveR Aug 1 '12 at 20:59
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The algorithm regex_match determines whether a given regular expression matches all of a given character sequence denoted by a pair of bidirectional-iterators, the algorithm is defined as follows, the main use of this function is data input validation.


The algorithm regex_search will search a range denoted by a pair of bidirectional-iterators for a given regular expression. The algorithm uses various heuristics to reduce the search time by only checking for a match if a match could conceivably start at that position. The algorithm is defined as follows:

So, use boost::regex_search. Example.


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That fixed it, thank you. – AlexLordThorsen Aug 1 '12 at 21:13

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