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In the SQL Developer, I run this query, it gave me error : "table or view does not exist". I tried to discontinute first and login agin, still same error.

But I use TOAD to run same query, it works.

SQL Developer have any settings to cause this ?

My SQL Developer version is 3.0.04. I am losing confidence in this tool.

select * from myschema.codes0
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To eliminate the obvious, are you connected as the same user (and to the same database) from both applications? Are you connected as myschema - in which case you don't need to specify that in the query; and if not does your user have select privileges on the table in myschema? –  Alex Poole Aug 1 '12 at 21:35
It's not a problem with SQL Developer itself, it is a problem with your connection to the DB or some preferences you have set. Do you really think Oracle would release an IDE that couldn't select from a table? –  Ollie Aug 2 '12 at 9:06

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As I do this in SQL Developer every day, it's not a problem with the tool. I'd say you're almost certainly logged in as a user that does not have privileges over myschema. What user are you logging in as?

Assuming codes0 is a table, this should tell you if you have select privileges over it:

SELECT * FROM all_tab_privs WHERE table_owner = 'MYSCHEMA' AND table_name = 'CODES0'
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