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My users upload background images. These images are stored in CDN on Amazon S3 (not on the same server).

Currently, the way I do the background is this.

<div id="background"></div>

It's position fixed, and I use javascript to set the background-image.

I would like to BLUR this background on the client side. How can I do this?

Blur.js does not work with an image on Amazon CDN.

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Would you be able to blur the image server side, once it's uploaded, then point to the blurred image instead? –  kevin628 Aug 1 '12 at 21:52

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You can use css filters to do this, but only in super new browsers. That and a combo of SVG filters will get you a few browsers. I guess you could then fall back to canvas, and excanvas to get almost all browsers.

Really, I'd just use filters, in a year or so most users will have them.

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You could always try using the Pixastic library (as long as you don't mind using HTML5 features):


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