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I have a date string coming from JSON "2012-08-01T15:42:06Z" and want to parse that in Windows Runtime. As far as I know, only COleDateTime is available to handle this.

I can only get it to correctly parse the string when I take out the 'T' & 'Z' characters, but that adds an extra parsing step on my end.


COleDateTime dateTime;
dateTime.ParseDateTime(L"2012-08-01 15:42:06", 0UL, 1033UL);


COleDateTime dateTime;
dateTime.ParseDateTime(L"2012-08-01T15:42:06Z", 0UL, 1033UL);

Anyone have any idea?

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If your date string is formatted consistently, you can use std::get_time to parse the time into a tm struct, copy the relevant bits into a SYSTEMTIME and from there convert to a FILETIME and then to Windows::Foundation::DateTime.

Info on std::get_time:

Code for converting from SYSTEMTIME to DateTime: How do I parse a date in a Metro (C++/CX) app?

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