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While the SES dashboard shows aggregated statistics about the bounce rate of emails sent through the service, I do not see a way of retrieving the individual addresses that bounced. Is this possible? Our situation is that the 'from' address we had set in certain emails was incorrect and resolved to a non existant mailbox on our (verfied sender) domain, so anything SES would have forwarded to the from address is likely gone.

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The answer is no, they are gone. Lesson: make sure you from address is valid (good practice obviously) and goes to a mailbox that resolves (and/or set up and process a SQS queue for them to go to)

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Use the Amazon SNS (simple notification service), and then you can add your email address - or Amazon SQS service for holding a log of all bounces/complaints.

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The question states the emails were already sent. SNS/SQS or setting the email will only work for future emails. –  Pete Aug 4 '12 at 1:53

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