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How do I make this:

["ford|white", "honda|blue"]

Into this:

[{'make'=>'ford', 'color'=>'white'}, {'make'=>'honda', 'color'=>'blue'}]
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["ford|white", "honda|blue"].collect do |str|
  ary = str.split('|')
  { 'make' => ary[0], 'color' => ary[1] }

gives me

[{"color"=>"white", "make"=>"ford"}, {"color"=>"blue", "make"=>"honda"}] 
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awesome thank you. –  oprogfrogo Aug 1 '12 at 22:57

Without thought:

 > l = ["ford|white", "honda|blue"]
 > m = l.collect { |m| make, color = m.split('|'); { make: make, color: color } }
=> [{:make=>"ford", :color=>"white"}, {:make=>"honda", :color=>"blue"}] 

(Using symbols for keys, generally recommended, IMO.)

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input = ["ford|white", "honda|blue"]
input.map do |car|
  Hash[ %w(make color).zip car.split('|') ]
=> [{"make"=>"ford", "color"=>"white"}, {"make"=>"honda", "color"=>"blue"}]
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This should do it

yourarray = ["ford|white", "honda|blue"]
yourhash = yourarray.map­ {|x| y = x.spl­it('|'); {"mak­e" => y[0],­ "colo­r" => y[1]}­}
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the solution above is perhaps prettier. –  Pablo Karlsson Aug 1 '12 at 23:02

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