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I will be creating a small database driven windows form application for my C# project. I wanted to beautify it like we do in web sites using CSS. Any resources or sites which can help me in beautifying my application? or any suggestions?

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Telerik have a tool to do this you can get a free trial. Check out their demo: demos.telerik.com/aspnet-ajax/formdecorator/examples/default/… –  peacemaker Aug 1 '12 at 22:58
Also, checkout the free trial with devexpress: devexpress.com/products/NET/Controls/WinForms/Skins –  peacemaker Aug 1 '12 at 22:59
componentfactory.com/product?id=3 has a free version and is quite nice (referenced in my answer via the first link). –  Eric J. Aug 1 '12 at 23:01
Personal experience from maintaining a skinned 7-year-old WinForms application: don't. These things are very difficult to use, have a tendency to break with new OS releases and themes, support localization and automation poorly, get end-of-lifed long before your app does and, after a few years, look dated and gimmicky not "beautiful". Use the standard built-in controls or, if those do not provide the features you need, use WPF. –  Dour High Arch Aug 2 '12 at 0:31

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"Beautify" and "Windows Forms" are not often used in the same sentence. WPF allows for significantly better design opportunities.

Some frameworks allow you to skin a WinForms application, which allows you to drive look through configuration rather than code.

How do I skin my Winform application?

There's also a CodeProject project that provides a skinner, though I have not used it personally


When I used to write small WinForms utilities without access to a framework, I would subclass each major control, and apply a style in that subclass. One change to the subclass affects the entire app.

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From the answers one thing I can notice, all solutions are paid ones, I wanted something like CSS. Looks like I have to use the boring controls only :P –  unknownsatan Aug 1 '12 at 23:06
The free version of Krypton Tools will get you quite far. WinForms follows a different design paradigm than CSS. If you don't embrace the WinForms design philosophy, you will feel like you're swimming upstream too often. –  Eric J. Aug 2 '12 at 0:12

You could try a library I built some time ago.


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CSS-like styling is difficult in Windows Forms, because the framework wasn't really built with it in mind. If styling is important to you, then you will probably have a much easier time of it using WPF instead.

I know of one third-party library designed to help with skinning WinForms applications, DevExpress WinForms Skins. I don't have real experience with with it, though, so I can't make any comment on it.

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If you Google: ".NET custom theme" then you can get many free styles to use in your projects. Here is a list made by some user over at hackforums of his styles and custom controls, which I think help make your form 'Custom' and 'Nice': http://pastebin.com/1nvZ08kx

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You can't use CSS to style a WinForms application, but I don't think that's what you mean anyway.

As far as "beautifying" your application, there are a number of 3rd-party tools available. The most popular ones are (in no particular order):

  • Telerik
  • DevExpress
  • Infragistics
  • ComponentOne
  • Many, many others

People tend to get religious about their 3rd-party design tooling, and a lot of ink has been spilled on SO going over the benefits of each 3rd-party design tool.

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If you are interested in a 3rd party tools for designing Windows Forms applications you could also take a look at the Infragistic's one - AppStylist for Windows Forms controls. A short video for the runtime version of this tool could be seen at the link below:


another useful link for getting started with Application Styling Framework is the following one: http://www.infragistics.com/help/topic/8CBDEFA7-3CFC-4EF1-8656-E7F646085126

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I've used the WebBrowser control to create an interface before. With it you can use HTML and CSS to create a pretty nice looking "form". It requires a bit more coding, but it works. A user needs IE installed to use the control though. There is a VB.Net example here: Using VB .Net WebBrowser Control To Build WinForm User Interface

In any case, it's another option.

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