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Use RegExp to match a parenthetical number then increment it

I know how to implement the solution already but with several ines of code; I'm wondering if there is a short and clever way of accessing the substring of a string that is an integer and incrementing it, where the substring isn't enclosed in any markup tags?

/*Let's say the string is*/ "<span class="ideacount">[5 ideas]</span>"

and I want to increment it to say "[6 ideas]".

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Something like this?

var spanContent = $('#ideaCount').text();    
var i = parseInt(spanContent.replace(/[^0-9\.]+/g, ''));
$('#ideaCount').text( spanContent.replace(/[0-9\.]+/g, i+1) );

Just add some error checking.

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Should have really thought a bit before posting as I came up with a single-line solution (minus variable declaration): $(this).html(" [" + ((v = $(this).text().match(/\d/) || 0),++v) +" idea" + (v>1?"s":"") + "]"); Unless anyone can make it even leaner? – Rob F Aug 2 '12 at 0:43

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