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I want to apply a association analysis to some data, I have in my application. I got the data form different files and combined them to one big list/table. So I'm not using any data base.

I'm searching for a Java package, which I can import to my project to analyze my data.

I already checked out Oracle JDM and KXEN DM and got the book "Java Data Mining", but I'm searching for a free and local solution.

Does anyone know a lib or package, I could use?

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Weka is not specialized for association rule mining.

I would suggest to check my website :SPMF data mining platform

It is an open-source data mining platform and Java library with several algorithms for association rule mining.

It is easy to use in your Java code and provides more than 10 algorithms for association rules: association rules, indirect association rules, top-k association rules, closed association rules, sporadic association rules, etc.

It also offers several other related algorithms for itemset mining, sequential pattern mining, sequential rule mining...

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You might want to explore Weka. It is an open-source machine learning/data mining software package in Java. It can be used via its GUI or command line.

I'd suggest to start off with the GUI. Start Weka, open the Explorer, load and optionally preprocess your data, then go to the Associate tab from where you can run Apriori or select other association rule algorithms.

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