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My problem is: selenium standalone server log console shows blank

Steps to reproduce the problem:

  1. Install selenium standalone-2.25.0.jar
  2. Have test suites in same folder
  3. Put in command to run the test through console

java -jar <location_of_selenium>/selenium-server-standalone-2.25.0.jar -htmlSuite *firefox <website URL> <location_of_selenium>/Test_suite1/Test_suite1_ts <location_of_selenium>/Test_suite1_results.html

Expected output: There are errors in my test and it should show in the Selenium log console as well as create a log file in my selenium folder.

Platform and other Details:

Selenium version: 2.25.0

OS: Ubuntu

Browser: FireFox

Browser version: 7

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2 Answers 2

  1. Test suite names need to have .html extension in order for the logs to work
    • side note: for selenium to run all your tests and not just 1, you must add .html to your test case files as well.

SOLUTION: Rename the suite file to Test_suite1_ts.html

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Pls look how this problem I solved: java -jar selenium-server-standalone-2.25.0.jar -htmlSuite *firefox http://libo.ru/ c:\temp\selenium\juzsay\testSute1.html testresult1.html


website URL = http://libo.ru/
location_of_selenium = C:\temp\selenium\juzsay\testSute1.html (build with Selenium IDE) location_of_selenium = testresult1.html (file with test result, in selenium-server-standalone folder)

Some remarks:

1) You should run cmd and open folder where your selenium-server-standalone-2.25.0.jar file located in my situation is C:\tools\selenium2.0\
2) for help also user this command -h

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