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Here are my models:


has_many :patient_records


belongs_to :patient
has_many :progress_reports


has_one :patient_record

The query I am trying to produce is to get all patients where progress_reports are older than or equal to 7 days from now (using a date_of_report column in progress_reports) while including or joining the patient record table... I have been working on this for so long that I have ran into a brick wall.

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I would try:

scope :recent_patients, lambda 
{ |since_when| join(:progress_reports)
  .where("progress_reports.created_at >= ?", since_when)}

in your Patient model

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Thanks for your help over the past couple of days! –  dennismonsewicz Aug 3 '12 at 1:30
reports = ProgressReport.where(:created_at > 7.days.ago).all

if you want to get each patient that belongs to each record, do:

reports.each do |r|
   puts r.patient.name
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