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Is there a MongoDB server performace monitoring tool which I can run on a local host or a local machine? I am concerned about privacy issues while using third party hosting tools like Mongo Monitoring Service by 10gen.

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I hear your privacy concerns. Mostly, 10gen offers the MMS as a way to get your contact information so that they can sell you a support contract. –  Gates VP Aug 2 '12 at 16:15

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There is a MongoDB wiki page with a list of other Monitoring & Diagnostics tools. Depending on what information you are after, a solution like Munin should be a straightforward local install.

There is even a Munin configuration example on the MongoDB wiki and a mongo-munin plugin for data collection.

If you are concerned about the information collected by MMS or would like to collect this information yourself, you can see a list of database commands used by the agent.

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MongoBird is best monitoring tool for MongoDB. It can be installed on all platforms. because it is developed in Java. So, you can install mongobird on the local host.

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