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The screen reader tool (JAWS/CURSOR) for the blind, fails to read the results of a SQL statement in Oracle SQLplus. Spooling the output and having the spool file read in a text editor is working fine. But it is tedious to turn off the spool after every SQL statement to ascertain the results. Does anyone know a way of opening a spool file without turning off the spooling (without spool off) Thanks

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Please elaborate with the code that you have tried with. – Annjawn Aug 2 '12 at 4:19
Could be any SQL Statement (Doesn't matter). The Q is - Is it possible to open the spool file without spool off. – kasaoole Aug 10 '12 at 17:38

Oracle buffers output to the spool file and flushes it periodically (every 8KB on my system, and I can't see a way to adjust that; according to Tom it's the O/S that actually does that), but doesn't do a final flush until you close the file (so if you run a query that produces a lot of output you can see partial results in the spool file, but the end is missing; at least in *nix). You therefore can't usefully look at the file until you close it with spool off.

In a Unix/Linux environment I'd suggest using sqlplus | tee <file>, which mirrors the entire session into a file and doesn't have the buffer delay. There seem to be Windows equivalents for tee, but I have no experience with them.

I wonder if you're restricted to SQL*Plus though. Have you looked at using SQL Developer instead? Again I have no experience of using this with a screen reader, but they at least seem to have thought about it.

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