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I am developing a Compact Framework 3.5 application for Windows CE 6.0. Help.ShowHelp() throws a NotSupportedException. At windowsembedded.com I found this statement:

"Help is not included in the Core run-time because it requires a browser."

Is this the reason for the exception? If so, is there any recommended way to get around this issue or do I need to build my own help system?

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ShowHelp uses the browser control (via webview.dll IIRC) under CE. The browser control is definitely part of the Professional CE license SKU (assessment tool here. There used to be a Word doc that listed every component, but I can't seem to locate a download for it), so you will have to roll your own Help framework if you intend to stay with a Core license. Options might be to use Opera or MiniMo as a browser, but you'd still have to roll all of the searh/help stuff.

Using RTF might be simpler.

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The following article addresses showing help for CE.


Does that help you? (pun not intended)

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