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Beginning jQuery question. Here's the code...

        var control1= document.getElementById("Carbs_txtSubsContrRbtAmt");
        var control2 = $("#Carbs_txtSubsContrRbtAmt");

Why doesn't the second debug print evaluate the same as the first?

? control1.id
? control2.id
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var control1 = document.getElementById("..."); // returns HTML DOM Object
var control2 = $("..."); // returns JQuery Object

To get the id you can use

var id = control1.id; // or
var id = control2.attr("id");  // or
var id = control2[0].id;
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With jQuery, to access the id attribute for display, the syntax is:



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It's a jQuery element now so if you want the id of it, you would do:


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The object returned by $("#Carbs_txtSubsContrRbtAmt") is actually a jQuery object, which functions somewhat like an array. This is especially useful if you are selecting elements with a certain class name like this: $(".className").

So to get the first DOM element found by a selector use this:


Then you will be able to get the id property:


However, it's much simpler just to use the .attr() method:


If the selector matches more than one element, the id of the first one matched will be returned by the above code.

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