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I have a List full of Observers

//create the list
Class ObersverList : IList<Observer>

the class Observer is having an dynamically Form which shows some infos. I want a clean way to kill the Form.

In the List i implemented something like

// preiodically call from programm to have always a nice updated list

public void RemoveClosedHandles() {

private static bool ObserverActivePredicate(Oberver o) {
    return !o.HasHandle;

this caused that the ObserverList is pretty nice, and its working great, but i have to problems. a) the observer is not killed, its just gone out of the list (no problem for me) b) the form stays open.(thats a huge problem)

iwant something like using the constructor

   activate() {
      HUD = new ObserverHud();

but i dont know how to call the observerdestructor and kill the element, while removing. is there an elegant c# way or do i need to jump through the list, find the to removing element and dispose it?


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ok, i did it now with IDisposable. solved

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