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$var1 = 'First Variable';
$var2 = 'Second Variable';
$var3 = 'Third Variable';

$number = 2;

$variable_to_get = 'var'.$number;

Lets say you want to echo out a variable depending on what $number is; e.g. in this case $number is 2 so we want to echo out $var2. How would you go about doing this without using switch statements / ifs; just directly naming a variable and showing the result?

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why not just use an array? –  user1301840 Aug 2 '12 at 1:56
just use an array, it's the simplest way to me. Just to refresh your memory PHP Array –  user1301840 Aug 2 '12 at 2:06

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variable variable

echo ${'var'.$number};
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Not sure, braces maybe? ${'var'.$number} just a guess

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You would better use array.

$var = array(
   'first variable',
   'second variable',
   'third variable',

So you will have your $var like this :

array (
    [0] => 'first variable',
    [1] => 'second variable',
    [2] => 'third variable',

Then to get the value :

$variable_to_get = $var[$number-1];

$number should be -1 because array started on index 0.

Another approach, you can assign its index directly.

$var[1] = 'first variable'
$var[2] = 'second variable'
$var[3] = 'third variable'

But if you really want that you access using

$var1 = 'First Variable';
$var2 = 'Second Variable';
$var3 = 'Third Variable';

$number = 2;

$variable_to_get = 'var'.$number;

Try to use eval

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$var = array('First Variable','Second Variable','Third Variable');

$variable_to_get = 'var'.$var[0]; // returns First Variable

$variable_to_get = 'var'.$var[1]; // returns Second Variable
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You can use double $$ to access the variable names as the string in the second variable. The second accesses the variable string, and the first accesses the variable named as the string:

$foo = 'bar';
$bar = 'foo';

echo $$foo; // echoes foo

meaning in your case:

$var1 = 'First Variable';
$var2 = 'Second Variable';
$var3 = 'Third Variable';

$number = 2;

$variable_to_get = 'var'.$number; //will contain the string 'var2'

echo $$variable_to_get; //echoes 'Second Variable'
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