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So I'm trying to get acquainted with Railway.js, thus I'm making a small application, part of which involves email validation on the model. Now:

-Taken from db/schema.js-

var User = describe('User', function () {
    property('email', String, { index : true });
    property('password', String);
    property('public_key', String);

-Taken from app/models/user.js-

User.validatesPresenceOf('email', 'password', 'public_key');
User.validatesFormatOf('email', ''); /* ARR HERE BE THE DRAGONS! */

So, I want to implement my own validation routine for emails, as I would like to check for existence of MX records, among other things, which regex can't solve. In any case, point is I can't see how to approach this, and the official docs aren't much help either.

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Well, after actually thinking over it again, I realized that Railway.js uses JugglingDB, which lead me to check the repository. Well, the key was in JugglingDB's docs.

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Posting an example of how you solved it would definitely help those passing by this question... –  Aaron Storck Jun 2 '14 at 23:38

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