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As of now, it appears that Google Spreadsheets does not allow locking of cell ranges but instead locking has to be done on a sheet by sheet basis in its entirety. I would like to share a sheet with another user and have them enter data on Sheet 1. To prevent tampering, I would like the data duplicated on Sheet 2 (locked by me) with a timestamp of the last change made on Sheet 1. I've been playing with this onEdit() function but it does not give an updated time when I edit Sheet 1 but still only if I edit Sheet 2. I just haven't figured out what I'm doing wrong.

function onEdit(e) 
  var ss = e.source.getActiveSheet();
  var rr  = e.source.getActiveRange();

//comment 2 lines below if you want it working on all sheets, not just on 2nd one
  if(ss.getIndex()!= 2)
  var firstRow = rr.getSheetByName(Sheet2).getRow();
  var lastRow = rr.getSheetByName(Sheet2).getLastRow();

//the last modified date will appear in 12th column
  for(var r=firstRow; r<=lastRow; r++)
    ss.getRange(r, 12).setValue(new Date());

If anyone has any other ideas, I would really appreciate it. I'm new to Google scripting so apologies for my ignorance on this!


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You cannot use scripts to prevent the other user from tampering, because he can go to Tools>Script editor and edit your script so that it becomes idle, then edit Sheet1, then restore your script. See the issue tracker for this issue. You cannot protect your scripts from being edited by other users with whom you share at least one worksheet of your spreadsheet.

On the other hand, leaving scripts aside, you can always see the history of what was edited by whom and when: File>See revision history.

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