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I'm attempting to stream audio for my C++ application which uses SDL through the mingw32 environment. From my understanding it's a fairly simple affair:

extern "C" void audioStep(void* unused, Uint8* stream, int len);

void initAudio()
    SDL_AudioSpec* fmt;
    fmt = (SDL_AudioSpec*)malloc(sizeof(SDL_AudioSpec));
    fmt->freq = 22050;
    fmt->format = AUDIO_S16;
    fmt->channels = 1;
    fmt->samples = 8192;
    fmt->callback = audioStep;
    fmt->userdata = NULL;
    SDL_AudioSpec obFmt;

    if (SDL_OpenAudio(fmt, &obFmt) < 0)
        fprintf(stderr, "Unable to open audio: %s\n", SDL_GetError());



extern "C" void audioStep(void* unused, Uint8* stream, int len)
    // Do stuff.

The issue I'm experiencing is that audioStep never seems to be called. Before initAudio is run SDL_Init is called with SDL_INIT_EVERYTHING. Then graphics are fully initialized (SDL_SetVideoMode and such) and then the audio system is initialized with the code above.

Is it possible somehow I compiled SDL without audio support? (Is there a way to check if audio is enabled or if it's using some sort of null audio device?)

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I have working code in SDL.NET, so maybe this will help. I found that I had to have a Video window opened:

  SdlDotNet.Graphics.Video.SetVideoMode(1, 1);
  // BUG: close (or hide) it

Otherwise, it would not initialize correctly.

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Why @audioStep@ should be called if you never Play a Sound? There's nothing to do.

Using SDL Sound

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The callback function should be called to fill the sound buffer, whether one is using SDL's sample playing routines or not. I quote from the page you linked: "The audio won't actually start playing until you call SDL_PauseAudio(0)." And I do so in the above code. – Kaganar Aug 13 '12 at 14:18
Sorry, I can't see, where you fill the buffer / start Playing. I take a look in myApplication and put some printf's inside. My Callback will only be called if I fill the buffer and Start Playing. – Thomas Aug 22 '12 at 5:27

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