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I'm exporting my WPF (4.0) visuals (vector diagrams) to some image formats in the next way...

    public void ExportImageTo(BitmapEncoder Encoder, Stream ExportStream, Visual SourceVisual, int Width, int Height)
        var Result = new RenderTargetBitmap(Width, Height, WPF_DPI, WPF_DPI, PixelFormats.Default);



The problem is that even using a PngBitmapEncoder (loseless algorithm) it still generates some little pixels that differs from those in the screen.

I think it is related with the way WPF renders text or deals with anti-aliasing and for which exists properties like UseLayoutRounding, SnapsToDevicePixels and BitmapScalingMode (note: I'm not using those properties on my code).

So, what can I do to make my exported visuals look like those rendered on screen? Thanks!

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Apparently WPF doesn't render ClearType text if it's targeting a transparent background (google this: RenderOptions.ClearTypeHint). I wonder if you would have better success with a 24bit image format (no alpha channel). Also, Width/Height are not the same as ActualWidth/ActualHeight.

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