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Currently my URL's appear as, I'd like to make them appear as I've been messing around with routes and have been able to get the entry title to display in the URL, but Rails is unable to find the entry without supplying an ID. If I send the ID along with the parameters, the URL appears as Is there anyway I can pass the ID without having it appear in the URL as a parameter? Thanks!

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Like most things, there's a gem for this.


Installation is easy and you'll be up and running in minutes. Give it a whirl.

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Ususally you'll want to to save this part in the database title-of-entry (call the field slug or something`). Your model could look something like this:

class Entry < ActiveRecord::Base

  before_validation :set_slug

  def set_slug
    self.slug = self.title.parameterize

  def to_param


Now your generated routes look like this: /entries/title-of-entry

To find the corresponding entries you'll have to change your controller:

# instad of this
@entry = Entry.find(params[:id]

# use this
@entry = Entry.find_by_slug(params[:id])


A few things to bear in mind:

  1. You'll have to make sure that slug is unique, otherwise Entry.find_by_slug(params[:id]) will always return the first entry with this slug it encounters.

  2. Entry.find_by_slug(params[:id]) will not raise a ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound exception, but instead just return nil. Consider using Entry.find_by_slug!(params[:id]).

  3. If you really want your routes to look like this /title-of-entry, you'll probably run into problems later on. The router might get you unexpected results if a entry slug looks the same as another controller's name.

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Thanks so much for the detailed suggestion @Wukerplank, I was messing around with this last night and couldn't quite get things to work. I would always get directed to the same entry no matter which id I was passing in. I'm sure with more time and hacking I could have gotten things to work as you suggested, but for the sake of ease of not dealing with slug/title problems, I'm going to go with the gem. You definitely deserve an upvote for this though, thanks again! – JustLikeThat Aug 2 '12 at 14:12

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