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I have table called

tasks---id ,name,groupid

user----id,username , groupid

Now i have another table

userTasks with fields id,name, taskid , userid

Now i want that when the new user is created or persisted in database then

all the tasks with same groupid asuser should gets inserted in

usertasks table with taskid and userid

HOw can i do that

I am thinking of puting the logic in postFlush() event

But i don't know how doctrine first select and then insert the records in that table

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If your do it just after of insert the data, instead inside postFlush function, could be more confortable and easy.


$usertask = new UserTask($id, $name, $user->getId(), $task->getId());

$om is the ObjectManager; EntityManager is deprecated in Doctrine last version.

If you want to use postFlush() function, maybe have to declare both id's as private variables to have the info.

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but i have around 50 tasks which want to bulk insert.asli which version they change em to om –  user825904 Aug 2 '12 at 7:31
If you have 50 tasks, maybe have to use for each () loop. I do not know the exactly version, but in the last one is deprecated. –  Ztere0 Aug 2 '12 at 11:08

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