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In objective-c,can i declare a UI variable with type?:

UIButton *btn_Add,*btn_showMessage or UILabel *lb_Title

How about: UIButton *btnAdd,*btnShowMessage or *lbTitle Thanks so much

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You're also missing the *s, by the way. – Vervious Aug 2 '12 at 4:40
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To quote coding guidlines for Cocoa: Code Naming Basics:

  • In general, don’t abbreviate names of things. Spell them out, even if they’re long.
  • For names composed of multiple words, do not use punctuation marks as parts of names or as separators (underscores, dashes, and so on); instead, capitalize the first letter of each word and run the words together (for example, runTheWordsTogether)—this is known as camel-casing.
  • It is good to be both clear and brief as possible, but clarity shouldn’t suffer because of brevity.
  • Names shouldn’t be self-referential.

So yeah, either what nonamelive proposed, or try to get rid of "button" prefix/suffix as well if possible.

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I prefer addButton, showMessageButton, titleLabel, etc.

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