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I having following two tables:

reviews table:

visits table:

I am trying to display reviews list for those reviews with least one visit record. tried to LEFT OUTER JOIN with HAVING (and GROUP) but that gives me reviews with count of all its visits. Planning to produce table like this: Review #1 - 2 visits Review #2 - 10 visits .. etc., reviews with 0 visits ignored

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You don't show where the number of visits is stored. The "visits" table just has an 'id' (presumably a unique record ID) and a 'review_id' (presumably a FK into the "reviews" table). –  kmoser Aug 2 '12 at 6:01

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select r.id,count(v.id) from reviews r inner join visits v on r.id=v.review_id 
GROUP BY v.review_id

Won't need to use LEFT JOIN as INNER JOIN will only return matching records which in this case meaning will return those with visits.

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ah inner join ! thank you ! –  alexey_the_cat Aug 2 '12 at 6:19
    count(v.id) as Reviews
from reviews r 
left join visits v on r.id=v.review_id 
GROUP BY v.review_id
having Reviews > =1
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