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I tried to implement client side active form validation like the one found in 'contact form' when one creates a yii app (background color of text box changes and error messages are displayed based on client input ) .

I almost copy pasted the code from the contact form however the client side validation is not working . The div element for displaying the error messages is returned , meaning the $form->error($model , 'username') is getting a html object . I am using echo to print the same . But no matter what input I give on the actual form , the element is never initiated .

The same was working for the original yii app . I have been working on a single browser . In fact in two tabs one was working and another was not at the same time (ruling out browser issues/permissions) .

I haven't set any scenarios in my model , used 'required' and 'email' as validators . And for form , enableClientValidation has been set to true .

Please help me out if you have any insight about this .

P.S : In my controller , I have only called the file to be rendered as of now alongwith passing the model name . I have not set any further processing of the form , is controller logic required for client side valdiation ?

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Your code? Without your code nobody can help you here. – Johnatan Aug 2 '12 at 7:52
Found out that it doesn't work because I did not use gii's CRUD . There is some additional configuration required if one needs to make it work without gii's CRUD. – Varun Jain Aug 11 '12 at 5:01

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