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I am new to Ruby On Rails. I want to create a simple application which has a home page with a search box and a submit button. The search box is used for searching keywords on twitter dynamically. The application connects to twitter, takes all the feeds containing the keyword searched and displays back on the home page of my application. Can anyone please guide me how should i go about it ? I want to create an application from scratch. Please site any example for the same. Any suggestions would be helpful.

Thanks, Bhargav

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This question is too broad. Please use google to find tutorials and come back here when you're stuck and have a specific question. –  Mischa Aug 2 '12 at 6:26

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If you really want to start from scratch and not use any gems for it, you should go to the Twitter API reference, and start from there

I would recomend you use the twitter gem

RailsCasts has a nice episode on it, but the episode for Twitter Integration is not for free.

If you are looking into use Rails for a long time, a subscription is well worth it though.

Hope this helps

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I recently wrote a small Twitter app from scratch (without the Twitter gem), maybe it is helpful:


There's an instance running on Heroku: https://jack-of-all-tweets.herokuapp.com

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You should probably use the twitter gem: https://github.com/sferik/twitter

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