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I'd like to know if someone has tried logging their gnu-screen session to a logfile (other than the default screenlog.N where N is the session number).

I tried doing the following

~$ screen -L custom_screenlog -S test_session

but screen would terminate. It's not also in the screen manual. Tried searching Google and I can't seem to see an answer.


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My 4.0.2 version of GNU screen has no argument to -L switch. The log file is systematically named screenlog.0 and created in the current directory. Then you may simply try:

screen -L -S test_session

Edit: you can customize your .screenrc file, adding for instance

logfile /tmp/screenlog-%Y%m%d-%c:%s

This way log files may be stored in a predefined directory (/tmp in this example) and may be named after logfile opening date

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this works for me. Thank you so much! +1 for you :) –  icasimpan Aug 28 '12 at 6:17
Is there anywhere that points out the syntax of that logfile line? The manpage doesn't appear to have that info… –  me_and Apr 26 '13 at 14:55

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