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He guys i want to highlight the selected list items in a list view. I use ActionBarSherlock and set a selector to the list. I think it is the same as here. The selector i use comes with ABS. I add a Checkbox to each row so i see which one is selected. But i want a visual feedback like in the Gmail App. Selected List Row are highlighted

So my question is following:

It is possible to style a highlighted row with a Selector or it is required to set the row style programmatically?

Note: I build my app for Android 2+ and want to use the style from Android ICS like ActionBarSherlock it use.

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I found a solution for my question.

For the ICS list selector (shiny blue one) i set in my ListView at the start the ActionBarSherlock list selector.

For highglighted list rows which indicates a selected item i extends a RelativeLayout which is my root layout for ListRows and implement the Checkable interface. In this interface i set a new background drawable in the setChecked( boolean ) method.

Her a good examples:

Highlight technic: 1 ICS selector: 2

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