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I have a tag <H>some data</H>. This tag can come anywhere within the XML file. Below is an example-

<Name>This is some data. It is an <H>highlighted text</H></Name>
  <DDesc>Here is the Detailed <H>Description</H>
     <Features>Following are the important <H>features of</H> the product</Features>
         <Construction>Some text <H>goes here</H></Construction>
         <Design>Some design <H>stuff</H> information</Design>

Now I want to get the contents of <H>..</H> tags. This tag is being used in all tags. How to get it?

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Do you want a single string as the result or a collection of strings, one for each h element? – Chris Gerken Aug 2 '12 at 13:28
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Just use:


this selects any text node that is a child of any H element in the XML document.

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Use a general syntax for that:


This is going to return all descendant elements of root element named as ElementName. Note that giving / means child:: where as // means descendant::.

If you like to return descendant elements within root then use something like:

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