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In my application i need to update multiple divs. we can give the div names in array. But i dont know how to render two ctp files in controller.

for one ctp $this->render('newctp','ajax');

I want to know how to update for two?

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Put the two .ctp files you need to render into elements (more info here). Then, in your view, render both elements. Like this:


<?php $this->render('myFirstElement'); ?>
<?php $this->render('mySecondElement'); ?>

and you'd have two ctp files under views/elements (myFirstElement.ctp and mySecondElement.ctp) that would contain the html you'd like rendered.

Good luck

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I don't think your "(more info here)" link got included in your response. – chollida Jul 24 '09 at 22:49

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