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I am new to Windows Azure and I have a question.

I have:

  1. Web site which deployed to Windows Azure - The web site manage a table (add, edit, delete). I used this guide: Deploying an ASP.NET Web Application to a Windows Azure Web Site and SQL Database

  2. Andorid application & iOS Application (Native Code).

Now, I want the mobile applications to get data (in JSON format) from the web site (and from the DB). What is the best practice to do that?

I tried to create a Azure (WCF) Service (the project refrenced to the web site project) but I didn't succeded. If this is the way - Is anyone knows a good tutorial to do that? Is there another option? Maybe from the web site itself?

Thank you very much, Yuval

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If you want to integrate with non-Microsoft technologies I suggest you take a look at the ASP.NET Web API which allows you to build REST services using content negotiation. Content negotiation allows your consumer to specify the format it requires (json, xml, ...).

To host the ASP.NET Web API in a Windows Azure Web Site you should take a look at Carlos' blog, he describes in detail what you need to do to make this work: Creating ASP.NET Web APIs on Azure Web Sites

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Have you given ASP.NET Web API a look-see?


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