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I'm having some trouble with connecting on local openfire server with strophe. I use this code, and it always gives me status CONNECTING. Can anybody tell me where can be the problem?

function XMPPconnect() {
    var conn = new Strophe.Connection("");
    conn.connect("my_username", "my_password", connect);

function connect(status) {
    if (status === Strophe.Status.CONNECTED) {

I've even tried with different ports, and it doesn't work for me. I'm using new strophe version 1.0.2, and with registered user.

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I've finally found the problem, so I will post it here for everybody to have it on mind. The problem was because I didn't setup apache server on my localhost. To do that copy these lines on the end of httpd.conf file

ProxyRequests Off
ProxyPass /http-bind http://localhost:7070/http-bind/
ProxyPassReverse /http-bind http://localhost:7070/http-bind/
ProxyPass /http-binds http://localhost:7443/http-bind/
ProxyPassReverse /http-binds http://localhost:7443/http-bind/

After that you need to uncomment these two lines

LoadModule proxy_module modules/
LoadModule proxy_http_module modules/

After this two steps you should be able to connect using



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Do you mean connect using localhost:7070/http-bind? – Eduardo Xavier Jun 10 '14 at 9:12

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