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I'm trying to make a part of my site to pay some depts that people have about me, so I want to make a simple way to doing that: paypal!

In fact, I want to make a form where the user put the value, and when he submit it, the bill will be create from the user to my paypal account... and then he will pay it :-)

I already make the use of the api but I don't need to make a return and cancel code, ipn and so on!

I don't know how write the code for doing this...

thanks to read me :-)

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First create two sandbox accounts for testing

  1. Merchant account
  2. Personal account

check this here

Now You need start creating paypal buttons Don't bother you can generate the button code here

After you got the code add sandbox before action url of i.e wwww.sandbox.paypal.com/

download the api in you development language

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Thanks @MR S , but I don't want to create business account (This feature is only available to Business and Premier Accounts.)... How can I do ? –  clement Aug 2 '12 at 12:07

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