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I use a grid layout of 2 rows and 6 column. the first column is a label and second is combo. My problem is

according to the size of the label the combo box size also increases. i want a stable size for combo? which layout should i use? I want a design like

*label1: combo1 label2: combo2 label3: combo3 label4: text1 label5: text2 label6: text3 *

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After combo3 all other were placed in a new line –  Siddhu Aug 2 '12 at 8:12
the simple (though possibly not the one you want to hear :-) answer is: learn which LayoutManager does what, then choose which fulfills your requirement. The tutorial referenced in the Swing tag has a chapter on layout. –  kleopatra Aug 2 '12 at 9:16

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  1. for GridLayout you can use JComboBox#setPrototypeDisplayValue, then you can to set initial size for JComboBox on the screen very confortly

  2. you can to use SpringLayout or GridBagLayout

  3. use todays custom LayoutManagers as MigLayout is for example

  4. notice about to choose the proper LayoutManager, everything depends of if the contents should or shouldn't be resizable with container

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Iterate over all Labels and set the biggest size to all of them.

Label 1             |________________|
Label Label 2       |________________|
Label Label Label 3 |________________|
Label 1             |________________|
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what do you mean by "set .. size"? Typically, that's nothing the code does, as it's the task of the LayoutManager ... as you well know ;-) –  kleopatra Aug 2 '12 at 9:18

If you have to code the layout by hand and no problem with using 3rd party libs, you might give Miglayout a try.

You could also use a graphical editor to layout your panel. There are two free tools that do a decent job (and I know of): The one shipped with NetBeans and the Eclipse WindowBuilder.

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You could use a GridBagLayout, setting the GridBagConstrints.fill to HORIZONTAL for the combo boxes

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In a GridLayout all tiles have the same size.

You should consider using GridBagLayout. You will also need to use a GridBagConstraints for each GUI-element to specify its position.

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