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I'm building (or trying to) an application following DDD, and so I'm applying CQS (as Command Query Seggregation, no Event Sourcing).

I'm learning also a lot about JS Framework (knockout, backbone, angular). And these framework are a lot CRUD oriented .If you split your command and query , the model at the GUI level is a non sense : you're either buying an order (command) or requesting a sell (query) report, you're not creating an order or requesting an order. Or "buying" is not really an HTTP Verb.

So I wonder if there is any framework that could simplify :

  • Command/Query validation (I'm using asp.net mvc3 I think i'll do it with DataContract though)
  • Command/Query sending
  • Command/Query binding with gui
  • templating
  • event aggregator

Maybe more ...

What do you think ?

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I don't imagine there will be any, since it's all non-uniform (although needed) functionality.

But for best practices imho:

  • command validation : jquery.validate (don't forget to validate on server as well)
  • query validation: ? (server checks should be enough)
  • command/query sending: what more would you want than ajax with some wrappers
  • command/query binding with gui: do you mean CRUD style forms with bidirectional binding? I've used DForm.js to construct forms from json. + I have custom-code using data-attributes to reconstruct json from the updated form on post (ajax)
  • templating: hogan/ mustache, etc. Primary reason I went the clientisde MVC route (backbone or spine.js in my case) was to have DRY templating (client/server side). Lately I've stepped back from that solution and instead have opted for rendering html fragments/snippets on the server and return that to the client instead of returning json and have the client do the templating. This is primarily due to performance reasons: implement 'infinite scrolling' for example and test it in IE8 or lower and see if you're still happy with your clientside mvc.
  • event aggregator: socket.io ( host your own), pusher (outsourced), etc.

I know, not what you asked, but since I'm pretty positive that what you ask doesn't exist, I figured I give you my opinion.


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this is the kind of answer I was waiting. About the event aggregator, I was not talking about event sourcing, but only being able to raise/observe custom events on the client side. I think I'll go on the server side rendering as well because I don't want to repeat my templates and razor has a perfect support on visual studio. The binding is what you're saying : getting json objects from my forms, getting my forms upating when I change my json objects. –  remi bourgarel Aug 6 '12 at 7:42

You might be interested in backbone.CQRS https://github.com/jamuhl/backbone.CQRS

Combines power of CQRS with backboneJS.

There is even a sample for CQRS with backbone.CQRS (nodeJS Sample) https://github.com/jamuhl/nodeCQRS

-> even if not interested in nodejs this samples showcases usage of backbone and backbone.cqrs

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