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At the moment I am using:

SetOutPath "$INSTDIR\folder\subfolder"
File /r ..\Output\*.*

The problem is when re-installing all files will be overwritten.


  1. How do I copy the files from the installer only if they do not already exist in the target directory?


  2. How do I overwrite those files in the target directory that are older then the ones in the installer?


I found this macro: http://nsis.sourceforge.net/MoveFileFolder

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I think the best solution is to use the SetOverwrite flag:


This flag can be changed on the fly within a section.

So to answer the question specifically:

SetOverwrite off       # Only copy if file does not exist
File /r ..\Output\*.*

SetOverwrite ifnewer   # Only overwrite if installers' file is newer
File /r ..\Output\*.*
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Use combination of IfFileExists and SetOverwrite:

Section "Copy newer files"
SetOverwrite ifnewer 
; Set flag to owerwrite files only if they are newer than files in output dir

IfFileExists $INSTDIR\program.exe FileExists FileDoesNotExist

; Copy file to output directory

SetOutPath "$INSTDIR"
File "program.exe" ; Flag from SetOverwrite is applied here

; File exists - do nothing 

; Continue ...
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