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I am using this templatetag:

def php_striptags(text, allowed=""):
    soup = BeautifulSoup(text)

    # list all tags
    allowed_tags = allowed.split()

    for tag in soup.find_all(True):
        if not in allowed_tags:

    return soup.encode_contents().decode('utf8')

It works just fine on development machine but I get this error on production:

Exception Type:     RuntimeError
Exception Value:    restricted attribute
Exception Location:     /usr/local/lib/python2.7/ in getargspec, line 813

I am hosting my site on webfaction, running with apache and mod_wsgi. What could be wrong?

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Finally found the real issue, which actually was documented in BeautifulSoup doc:

If your script works on one computer but not another, it’s probably because the two computers have different parser libraries available. For example, you may have developed the script on a computer that has lxml installed, and then tried to run it on a computer that only has html5lib installed. See Differences between parsers for why this matters, and fix the problem by mentioning a specific parser library in the BeautifulSoup constructor.

So to make your soup, try something like:

soup = BeautifulSoup(text, "html.parser")
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Just had the same exception on a production server, and this fix worked. Thank you! – Evan Byrne Sep 3 '15 at 18:25

I believe that you did not install BeautifulSoup into your system Python lib, but instead you've downloaded BeautifulSoup, and put it in your custom PYTHONPATH. This makes your copy of BeautifulSoup to be considered as an external Python code, and Python runs it in restricted mode (see Restricted Execution)

Simply install BeautifulSoup through pip/easy_install, or install an OS package for it, and this error will go away.

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